Tales of the Stars

Eppisode 3 & 4

The newly minted Mythral Mercenary corps, now on board their pirated pirate ship, made contact with Alpha C authorities. The patrol boat they first encountered however, crewed by rookies with only the commanding officer having much experience with actual space travel, managed to mangle the airlock beyond use when attempting to dock to conduct a standard search of the ship.

Escorted by the patrol boat, the group made way to Alpha C’s main shipyard, where the ship they were on was opened and allowed them exit. The search of the ship proved uneventful, not turning up anything except for contraband already declared by the mercenaries as belonging to the ships previous pirate owners. The ship was kept in the shipyard for repairs, while the group went to visit the civilian stations, and claim the ship as salvage.

After being faced with a weeks work of paperwork to fill out, and a number of bureaucratic hoops to jump through, James had the brilliant idea of hiring a lawyer to do the hard work.

Their lawyer, Kristi Cain, managed to prepare all required documents in a fraction of the expected time, and presented their claims to a judge within a mere two days. The case was fairly straight forward, and the known pirate ship formerly registered as “I Blame My Mother” was re-registered as the “Saber”, owned by the Mythral mercenary corps.

Upon returning to the shipyard, they were granted full ownership of their ship, and in respect to Brigadier General Stark (retired), the military payed for the repairs this time around.

Using data from the ships computers, Mythral set course for one of the unmapped systems, located at 01C02S, where the computer aboard their new ship claimed the pirates base was located.

Approaching the base, encountered a remote defense turret, but working together, Johnny and James managed to figure out the password to deactivate the turret (Elise, the previous captains mother).

They landed at the base, and searched through it. The base turned out to only have 3 pirates onsite, but was well staffed with automatic defense turrets, some of which proved extremely deadly. Fighting their way through the turrets, the group managed to find the armory, and deactivate the bases internal defenses from their. Amidst much swearing from Robert on what kind of idiots make their internal systems only disable able from one location, with a Heavy Machine-gun Turret blocking the only access.

Searching the bases cargo depot of their new base, they discovered tons of illegal substances, and decided to load those up and drop them in the sun on the way out. They also discovered 40 Tons of Rum, which they left on base. Aside from that, they found what they recognized as the Voyager 2 probe, very far from home, and practically undamaged. They decided to take it back to the Earth system, and see how much it could be sold for.

A crate made of Ceramo-Plastic in the corner, when opened, revealed an assembly of blue and green gemstones, that soon after exposure to light turned out to be a life form, which Johnny recognized to be similar to something his wife mentioned about life on Alula Australis. Experimentation proved the life form had at least rudimentary intelligence, not wanting to be returned in the box, and refusing to approach Robert after he made it obvious he wanted to put it back in its box. Discovering the creature consumed metals, AC fetched one of the damaged shipping containers from the hold, and fed them to the creature, which then climbed the wall and attached itself to the ceiling light. AC managed to lure it down with her computer, which the alien found interesting enough to investigate… and rip in half. While it was distracted with the components of the computer, AC picked it up and tossed it back in the box. Stark tossed in a flashlight for it to have a light source, before they sealed the lid, and decided to take it back to earth to ask Johnny’s wife about it.

Interlude: Manouvers
ComStar News Broadcast

March 18, 3013

By Jose Erson

Terra (ComStar) – The Earth Directorate governing bodies have issued an official complaint to the C.N.E. Royal Family, regarding recent military maneuvers being performed by a section of the 6th fleet at 10C15S, placing them perilously close to the colony world of Muphrid, and on the very edge of C.N.E. controlled space. Reports indicate that over 200 ships are taking part in the maneuvers.

It is unknown if the E.D. intends to deploy a portion of it’s fleet in the area for peacekeeping purposes.

Episode 2

Seeking further employment, the mercenaries sign on with Cpt. Nicole Berger, running her GEN-100T-A “Second Chance” from Terra to its closest neighbor of Alpha C, known as Toliman by the locals. Cpt. Berger and her crew of four have been having problems with pirates while running regular cargo transports for Specialized Engineering.

Shortly after completion of their jump into the Alpha C system, they were fired upon by an unknown vessel. On Robert Starks urging, the Captain surrendered her ship, and allowed the pirates to board, upon which Robert charged right across to the pirate ship, backed up by AC, James, andJohnny providing fire support.

After a short but violent fight, the crew of the pirate ship was slaughtered, though Robert was injured in the process. The operation was a success however, in that despite the pirate pilots attempts to flee, they successfully gained command of the ship, executing the last surviving pirate.

Shortly after, their new ship “I Blame My Mother” plotted a course alongside “Second Chance” towards Alpha C’s main star port.

Episode 1

Robert Stark, Johnny Stateward and AC find out that retirement is boring, and their pensions just don’t stand up to their expectations. In Johnny’s case its less his expectations, and more his wife Elaina Stateward ni Goldberg’s expenditures.

They are joined by James Rizo, Elaina’s nephew, just released from the hospital with a brand new eyeball and rebuilt muscular structure in his arms and abdomen. Elaina insisted that Johnny must help James in making something of himself.

After some consideration, the four decided that a mercenary life payed the best, and quickly decided to start their own company, banking on the fame of Stark, and competency of Johnny and AC. James’s role would for now remain uncertain, however certainly something would come along. After much deliberation, they settled on the name Mythral, and registered with the TAS Mercenary Branch.

The first job they accepted was a fairly low profile mission to train a bunch of rookie cops from Detroit, after their seniors where retired. The 7 week training regime went extremely well, though there was some problems with one of the rookies, a sadistic man by the name of Burt, who was taken care of by Stark’s contacts in the military, that ensured he got conscripted into a service he would find much more enjoyable, and be less likely to cause harm to civilians or other police officers.

After the training regiment was completed, the group tagged along with the newly trained police force to observe the resolution of a bank-robbery and hostage situation. The rookies performed well, and the situation was resolved with no loss of life, and a full arrest of the perpetrators.

Upon completion of the mission, and receiving their payout, Johnny sent details of the stations rundown condition to his wife, in the hopes that she could engineer a fundraiser to help the dilapidated station.


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