Technology Variations

Not all technology has advanced at a matched pace. There is some technologies that are lagging behind of where they ‘should’ be, if progress was a unified front.

Artificial Intelligence: True AI has been deemed unsafe due to loyalty issues, and potential for rampancy. Since the AI’s created during the Killbourn War left human known space, no new True AI has been designed.

Weapons: The majority of weapons are still of the slug thrower variety. Infantry sized laser weapons are still in their infancy.

Vehicles: Gravity Manipulation has opened the way to a number of Hover-based vehicles. Most military vehicles however still rely on the tried and true propulsion methods of the past millennium. Flying cars are an option. Hover equipment does not fare well in high winds.

FTL Travel: The Hyperspace Drive allows a ship to fold itself into a higher level of space, allowing it to traverse vast distances at significantly reduced times. Newer and more powerful drives can push the ship to even higher hyperspace levels, further reducing travel time.

Hyperspace Calculation:

Time T(Days) = (D/(H*5))*10
D = Distance
H = Hyperdrive Rating

Ship Maximum Range Calculation:

Range R(Light Years) = F/U * (H*2)
F = Max Fuel
U = Usage/10 Days
H = Hyperdrive Rating

Technology Variations

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