Established: 2351
Headquarters (City, World): Sydney, Australia, Terra
Estimated Personnel (3010): 14,687,000
President: Lisa Koenigs

Founded in 2351 by Sebastian Abel, ComStar grew rapidly, and is today the largest news and 
communications distributor.

Sebastian Abel realized soon after the massive explosion of humanity towards it's neighbor 
systems, that some sort of massive effort would be required to facilitate the transmission of 
private information and news. Remaining a step ahead of the competition at every turn, ComStar 
deployed fleets of messenger ships to transport information from one star system to the next.

In modern day, the work of data transfer between systems is still often performed by descendants 
of those ancient vessels, though any ship travelling to any given system can check in
with ComStar and transport encrypted mail packets for a set fee.

Reporter: Jose Erson
Reporter: Dustin Sanchez
Agent: Jerome Ricks


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