Andrew Jackson


A dignified elderly man in his late 70’s.


Admiral Andrew Jackson is claimed to be the greatest military mind of the era. Much of his earlier life is unknown, his personnel records are classified. Rumors about him vary widely, from claims he is an alien, to merely a link in an endless line of clones. Never the less, most unofficial sources agree he is Old. Around 100 years old seems to be the average belief, though there are some, a rare few, who claim he fought in the Killbourn Wars, making him either over 600, or a time traveler. Jackson himself is on record stating his name carries a long family history, going back as far as Earth before Hyperspace was discovered, and it is undoubtedly likely that one of his ancestors did fight the Killbourn, but then, so did pretty much everyone else.

He is often ranked with the great generals of history, even many military minds agree that if Andrew Jackson wanted to conquer all of known space under his banner, he would have a fairly good chance at it. Those not from the Earth Directorate often add that he would have to start by burning out the administration of Earth. All agree it is fortunate he does not seem to carry any such ambition.

Andrew Jackson

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